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Default Re: Dispelling audio myths, the cable lie

Originally Posted by pocketman View Post
I have been reading debates over cables for many decades and its always the same. There is no sound quality benefit to using exotic cables. Double blind tests over the decades have proved that.

There is a difference between zip cable and well made cables, not necessarily in sound but in durability. Good cables of the appropriate sizing for the length needed will sound as good with no degradation of sound quality when compared to exotic cables. Some exotic cables that have been tested in the past were even found to colour the sound.

If you have the money and want the eye-candy cables, go for it, if it makes you happy; if you are like the rest of us Joe's buy good quality cables, take the money you saved from buying exotic and buy some extra cd/dvd and enjoy your system

Or upgrade your speakers. I find most people have cheaped out on speakers compared to what they have paid for the rest of their systems. back in the day of two channel, it was the rule of fifths. one fifth for source, one fifth for preamp, two fifth for poweramp and two fifth for speakers. Power has come down significantly since and the sound quality has improved over the years, but I still try to follow this rule, even with my surround system.

I personally use high quality cables (10 feet per side) which cost me about $120 including ends for my main fronts and they have not let me down.
Nope, High quality cables don't cost $120 including ends.

Jade audio Vermeil gold speaker cable New Retail $2900.00.

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