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Originally Posted by jbk View Post
Quite: "Well, someone truly listens to some real music. Return To Forever, Stanley Clarke, Al Dimeola, David Sancious, Wendell Irvine, George Duke(before the Duke/Clarke project) are all people I love. Now Jean - Luc Ponty, has got to be one of the baddest musicians out there. I never thought, he got the acclaim he should have. But, that is always true, for jazz artists anyway. Unless they have crossover success like George Benson, when he started doing more singing, and less playing."

It seems that Jazz has taken a back set to rock since the mid 1950's. I think this is because many rock songs reflect some relevant feeling(s) or message(s) that a generation relates to in some way. The songs in some way capture how we felt.. for example "I saw her standing there," "I can't get no Satisfaction," "I ain't got you," "Communication Break Down." They had a message that they could relate to at the time. Our parent could never understand us, right?! I remember sitting around with my friend listening to music. More on this later.

Jazz vocals and Jazz don't provide that connection for example: John Coltrane and Johnny Hartmann which not many teens or pre teens will be caught dead listening to under any conditions. How many of the rockers would appreciate Patricia Barber or Diana Krull? Peel Me a grape, french me a fry....

As for Jazz, I love it. My first jazz album was "Bitches Brew!" Some way to start becoming interested in Jazz. Then there was The Mahavishnu Orchestra, Coltrane, Methany, Benson, DiMeola, Evans.

Today, I buy blues and jazz recordings to fill in my collection of vinyl and cds. My daughters see me just sitting and listening to my music. They tell me that I'm the only person they know that just sits and listens to music!!! For them, music is sonic wall paper or back ground noise.

Today's music listeners have become the iPod generation. Sonic wall paper and low resolution music. I'm concerned that the music industry and technology have killed of much of the creativity in music and high resolution recording. Jazz is and will remain a niche market.

I don't believe that we will ever see a music transformation like we did in the 60's to early 70's for rock music. Groups like the Yardbirds, Beatles, Stones, Moody Blues, Mayall were due to Blues music being discovered and repacked. Forty years from now will disco and metal be repackaged?

As always your thoughts would be appreciated..

This is just great. Someone who shares my sentiments exactly. And I`ve been saying this and feeling this way for a while. How many people do you know, go home from work, take a shower, eat, spend some time with the wife and kids, then either get their pair of high end cans, or sit down in front of their equipment, turn the lights low, maybe a candle, and get excited about listening to music, for musics sake? No one.

And yes, I also believe that the music/av industry and technology have definitely contributed to the sign of these times. No one really enjoys music for music sake anymore.

The one exception would be, if your kids played an instrument young in school, its said they appreciate music, a lot more. Outside of that, what do we have? And as you know, you always here that the boards of ed are always trying to cut music out to save a few dollars. I played clarinet, alto and tenor sax growing up. I still have my tenor!! And I understand what you say about music with vocals, but there is a lot of great instrumental jazz, fusion, (Do I hear Weather Report, HeadHunters by Herbie Han****) out there. All, which should be given, in my opinion, the AIX or DVD - A/SACD treatment.
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