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Default Re: Dispelling audio myths, the cable lie

I agree with some of the posts above, good cables can make a noticeable difference. As support, I'd like add an analogy. I work for a chemical company which operates, among other things, a flavors and fragrances business. Talking with one of our chemists who has visited that site, he told me that the plant has a purfumist on staff for final quality checks. The reason...the product has to smell right (not better or worse, the same). They don't rely on measurements of how much of chemical x and how much of chemical y are in the final product (though I'm sure they do measure these things) as the final say on whether the product is on spec. No, they have someone subjectively smell the product and make sure it smells the same as it always has.

The same principle applies to cables. You can take all the measurements of resistance and capacitance that you want, but in the end, they're numbers only. If you have two cables with all the same numbers and they sound different, well, something about the cables is different; possibly something neither manufacturer is aware of but that one manufacturing process does better than the other. Bottom line, I think there are simply too many variables that can impact the precision of a transmitted electrical signal (I'm talking interference from other E&M fields, different crystalline atomic structures of shielding as a result of different production methods, etc) that to say that because a few measurements match two cables must therefore be equal is naive. Just my 2 cents.

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