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Dave Moritz
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Default Re: What's you dream system?

Ok here is my revised dream system, after doing some thinking about my original post.

Work in progress, could change at anytime.

Denon AVPA1HDCI Pre/Pro
Audio Control Diva 24Bit Room EQ
Runco dhd_300px Video Processor
Denon DVD3800BDCI Blu-ray Player
Toshiba HD-A3 HD-DVD Player
Accuphase DP77 SACD / DVD-A Player
McIntosh MS750 music Server
McIntosh MC501 Mono Block Amplifier (7)
McIntosh MC1.2kw Mono Block Amplifier (1)
Custom JBL Pro 18" Subwoofer (2) - Piano Black Finish
Custom JBL Pro Center w/ dual 12" woofers and HF horn driver- Piano Black Finish
JBL Professional 3677 Speakers (4) Rear
Altec Lancing VOTT A-7 (L & R Speakers) Currently Own - Piano Black Finish
Runco SC-1-011 Projector
Stewert Film Screen: Cinecurve 140" Screen
1080p HD Supporter

HD-DVD & Blu-ray Owner

DTS-HD Master Audio & Uncompressed PCM Supporter
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