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Originally Posted by Kevin Miller View Post
Hi TheMoose,

So you haven't said what you think of our settings at for your set.
I put the settings in that were suggested for my TV, a Sony KDS-R70XBR2, (mis identified in the listings as a Sony KDS 70XBR2) but there were some problems (In bold next to the settings).

* Picture Modes
o Picture Mode : Standard
o Color Temperature : Warm 2 (Not available in standard mode)
o Aspect Ratio : Full
o Advanced Iris : Medium
* Picture Settings
o Contrast (Picture) : 90
o Brightness : 50
o Color : 55
o Hue : R2
o Sharpness : 30
o Noise Reduction : Mid (typo? I think it should say Medium)

Now here's the big problem, these settings are only available in Custom mode but the suggested mode is standard
* Advanced Settings
o Black Corrector : Off
o Gamma : Off
o Clear White : Off
o Color Space : Standard (no such item in menu)
o Live Color : Off
o White Balance : Factory Default
* Video Options
o Cinemotion : Auto (Menu item grayed out, not available)

The following menu items are not mentioned in the settings,
Edge enhancer-set to off
Detail enhancer- set to off
Noise reduction- set to off
DRC Mode- set to 1
DRC Pallet set to Reality 1, Clarity 60

I changed the picture mode to custom & put in the suggested settings.
Now the suggested settings were not far from my own settings & it does look good in a dark room.
I have almost 6000 hours on my bulb so I'm sure I'll see a difference when it's time for a new bulb.
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