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Smile Re: Put the music in your head with the Sennheiser HD 650 Reference Headphones


I enjoyed your review. I really did not expect anything else but a great review. Based on the previous reviews I have read on the 650`s and 600`s. However, there was a surprise, the fact that they were efficient enough to be driven by your i - pod. This was the one area that was said to be true. That for these headphones to shine, you really needed a headphone amplifier.

Also, that they were a little warm sounding, and slightly shy in the bass. Where say, the Grado`s or AKG 701`s, both have a more forward and dynamic presentation. I did get to listen to a pair of 650`s at Lyric Hi Fi here in New York with I believe a Vincent tube headphone amp. They sounded okay, but I had none of my own cds, and no other headphones to compare them to. And that is the thing, I definitely want a pair of high end cans, but its very hard to find a dealer that has a few of the different brands in one store for comparison.
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