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Default Re: Next Gen, HDMI 1.3 Receivers Slow To Market Do You Really Need Them?

Originally Posted by fitzcaraldo215 View Post
One feature that the Denon and Marantz prepros have that absolutely makes me scratch my head is the networking via Wi-Fi or whatever wire connection they are using. When we are struggling to get to pristine, high bandwidth, high rez 24-bit lossless 7.1 channel, do we need this relatively low bandwith capability for Ipods, internet radio, etc. ? I know I have no current or foreseeable use for it. If I want to listen to those low-fidelity sources, it makes no sense to do so through my expensive home theater system. It makes less sense that I have to pay for its' inclusion whether I want it or not. Am I missing something?
Well, the Denon will allow music streaming from your home computer, which can be in lossless or native bit rate, so should sound very good, as for the iPod, it is just far to common a device for most makers not to include integration for. I for one use internet radio a lot for parties, I put on some good blues or jazz stations and let it ride, it saves me making playlists and keeps up the variety during the party, and yes, I use my reference rig to stream this to.

I must agree, the new crop of pre/pro's are super packed with features, I know I and noone I know will ever use all the features found in the new Denon, but it does allow it to fulfill a variety of folk's needs, you might be able to save some $$ buying something that suits you more closely, but often that isn't possible, so I like the extra features, as who knows, some day I may want/need them.
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