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Default Re: Pairing Amps with Speakers

Originally Posted by CharlyD View Post
Sorry, I was trying to simplify things and went a bit too far. Speaker sensitivity is measured with a standard voltage (not power) input. The voltage used is 2.83VRMS which would equate to 1 Watt at if the speaker was 8 Ohms (P = (V^2)/R). I only looked at the JBL spec page for these speakers which lists their impedance at 8 ohms. Since the JBLs are actually closer to 4 ohms, the power input would be closer to 2 watts at that voltage. Make sure the amplifier you're considering will drive 4 ohms and don't cut corners on power. The amp will still have to drive considerable current through these speakers.
Still can't understand.
Does it mean that the same AVR would be able to send more power to the speakers that have lower impedance, and hence would perform better with speakers with lower impedance?

Or does it mean the speakers with lower impedance would suck out more power and AVR would be screaming for mercy?

Can this also be put into the formula you mentioned earlier?


PS (edit of post) - I think I understand. Lower the impedance, more we are heading towards a short circuit scenario. Speakers sucking out loads of current and the AVR may not be able to keep up with that kind of current flowing through its own circuit.
To express the equation again - P=I^2 * R or I = sqrt(P/R). Max power an amp can provide, in terms of watts is fixed. So if R goes down, I goes up.

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