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Default Re: Next Gen, HDMI 1.3 Receivers Slow To Market – Do You Really Need Them?

Originally Posted by xorbitman View Post
To those thinking about the Classé Audio's going to be longer than they expected. They are respinning the PCB's which generally means that the protos PCB's will be out by this summer. Once those protos PCB's are populated and then tested we are looking at another 2 - 3 months and then there will be a new version (semi-final) pre-production version of about 50 to 150 units depending on if they can get the components...and my guess is that there will be problems getting them....then again assembly, test and then ship....and if those initial field products are OK, then there will be a full production run. The production run will depend largly on the demand for the product.

This is from a reliable don't hold your breath on this yet.
This is COMPLETE MISINFORMATION. For the the official word on the subject of the SSP-800 you need to visit the Official SSP-800 Thread.
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