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Default Re: Next Gen, HDMI 1.3 Receivers Slow To Market – Do You Really Need Them?

Possible new contender alert in the digital pre-pro arena:

Cary Audio’s upcoming Cinema 11a and Cinema 11v processors. Interesting take on the perceived deficiencies in HDMI audio from Cary. They split the incoming HDMI signal load into 2 separate processors: 1 to handle the video portion, the other handles the audio digital bitstream. Apparently current HDMI 1.3 signals cause degradation in the audio quality due to interference and jitter caused by the video signal.
Anyone heard about this?

I’ve read the reviews of the new pre-pros with the new codecs but so far none have mentioned whether 2-channel (CD) audio coming across the HDMI sounds as good as 2-channel audio coming across digital SPDIF or optical bitsteam. Anyone know?

Anyway I want to hear Cary Audio’s unit when it ships
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