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Default Samsung 240 Hz LCD

Samsung Electronics announced today that it has developed the world’s first “Blue Phase” LCD panel – which will offer the ridiculously fast image-driving speed of 240 Hz. Samsung is planning to unveil a 15” model of its Blue Phase LCD panel at SID (Society for Information Display) 2008, which will be held in Los Angeles from May 18 to 23. Before you get all excited, however, we're still classifying this as very "prototype-hype" technology since, while promising, it isn't slated for mass production until sometime in 2011. . . Currently, "overdrive" circuits are applied to improve the video image quality in LCD TVs which are driven at 120Hz. The blue phase mode features a superior response rate, allowing images to be reproduced at 240Hz or higher without the need for any overdrive circuit.

These displays should really be great for gaming!
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