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Default Re: Next Gen, HDMI 1.3 Receivers Slow To Market Do You Really Need Them?

Originally Posted by fitzcaraldo215 View Post
As to your question about deep color, why would you want to buy something expensive today that you know will not support deep color? The sets and projectors are ready for it. The HDMI is ready for it. The pre/pros and even under $1,000 receivers are ready for it. The infrastructure to deliver it is all in place. Do you really think it's not going to happen? Are the studios just going to say, "no, we won't do it!"? Market forces will make somebody say, "I want a box office advantage, so we will make and release our next movie and Blu-Ray release with deep color", and, next thing you know, everybody will be off to the races.

You may not agree, but I think room correction built-into the pre/pro is essential, and Audyssey appears to me to be the best available.

I don't know about the rapid rise of Deep Color, I hope it does happen, but am pessimistic.

As for room correction, I have had many units with Audyssey, both the Multi EQ and the Multi EQ XT and also just finished reviewing the Anthem D2 w/ARC so I am quite familiar with room correction, and ironically used a line very close to yours as I too feel this feature is one of the biggest things to happen to HT in years. I am not sure who's is best, Audyssey certainly is the most frequently encountered, but Tact/Lyngdorf, Anthem, Neptune and I'm sure we'll see others soon too. Only time will tell and I suspect, like everything else, it will depend on the rest of your system, and the room itself.
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