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Default Re: Pairing Amps with Speakers

Originally Posted by CharlyD View Post
The interaction between an amplifier and a speaker can be quite complex. While speaker sensitivity is the most critical factor, parameters such as speaker impedance and phase can also be critical.
I went through this site which says
Nominal impedance for the L820 and LC2 measured unusually low at 4.3 and 4.4 ohms, respectively something to note when matching them with an amplifier or receiver.
Is lower impedence than the rated impedence a good or a bad thing?

How does impedence fit into the calculation? Some amps say power is X WPC at 4 ohms, while Y WPC at 8 ohms, where X > Y. Does it mean that speakers with lower impedence can be used with a less powerful amp, and hence better return on investment?

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