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Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
Funny you mention that Greg, I got buzzed by a kid on a motorcycle one day, ran by me @ like 70 MPH inches off my bars and I was well in the bike lane.

Well, in the Karma realm, I was riding with a large group and met a guy I'd never met before on the ride. We talked about obnoxious cars (frequent conversation on rides in my area as they are VERY common) and we went to the motorcycle problems. Usually, bikers are fairly respectful of bicycles as we all face similar issues, but this guy it seems also had a run in with the same biker! Well, he caught up to him at the next stop light and beat him up!!!!

While not an action I would advocate, nor do, it reinforced my belief in Karma, that guy definitely got his due several times over!
For some reason, I now picture 2 guys in spandex and bike helmets using tire pumps to beat-down a fat guy in leathers after they knock him off his hog. I know you guys were probably pretty mad, but I bet it must have been hilarious to watch you two beat this guy down.
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