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Default beating about their ZERO customer service

I'll cut right to the chase.

2 weeks ago I ordered an inexpensive $250.00 Yamaha receiver at a cost of $95.00 from I receive the unit in a timely manner and upon unpacking it I realized I ordered the wrong one.

I sent off an email to eCost explaining my mistake and asked for an RMA# so I could exchange it for another unit.

The reply comes back "we're very sorry but we have a no return no exchange policy"
I call up their no customer service and they repeat the same canned response.

Next I sent off a series of emails. As I sent them each person gave me the same BS and I respectfully asked for a representative higher up in their food chain.

Next I fired off a series of emails to Google Checkout and I made sure they understood I used them to have some recourse against eCost in case they tried to screw me. Believe it or not they sent an email stating if that's eCost policy then live with it and we will do nothing. Again I tried to go higher up and they all spit back the entire previous canned responses.

Ok, now it's time to research eCost and voilą I find they're a wholly owned subsidiary of
PFSweb, Inc.and its subsidiaries, including Supplies Distributors, Inc, and,

I look up PFSweb and find the name Bruce McClung
Partner - Vice President Sales.

Now I send him the previous emails to Google and eCost along with 3 articles about having one of the worst customer service ratings on the web.

Today I get a call from eCost and the women on the phone couldn't have been sweeter or nicer. She wanted to send me an RMA# to return the product and I told her I already gave the receiver to my son because I wanted nothing further to do with them! I then asked her who instructed her to make this call? She answered Bruce McClung from PFSweb. After getting her to start talking I asked her if she knew what a rotten reputation ecost has and she responded "Yes I know and so does PFSweb who took control of eCost about a year ago and they want to turn around their company and start improving customer service. I imagine McClung must have been really ****ed off because she said they want my business back and she even gave me her private cell phone # to personally make sure all future orders are completed in a manner that makes me happy.

Can you believe this bull s#*t?
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