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Default Re: Martin Logan CLX finally arriving!

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
It's more than that. These speakers aren't designed to go below 56HZ. So it's a $20K speaker that HAS to have a subwoofer bought for it. Then you got to mate the combination. If you go with the sub ML suggests you're talking about spending $23.5K.

I'd known for awhile they wouldn't go below 56HZ. I'm just shocked by the price is all. The CLS it replaces wasn't nearly as expensive compared to the other speakers in their line up.
Well, if you do decide to get them, you might as well go ahead and get the CLX 25th Anniversary Edition for only $24,995 per pair. What's another $5k if you are already spending $20k? They would probably look better with your 20' screen anyway.

BTW, IMHO, for $20k+ the panels should be bigger and not require a traditional sub for bass .
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