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Default Wisdom Audio Partners With Audyssey MultiEQ XT For New SC-1 System Controller

Wisdom Audio, a leader in planar magnetic technologies, is proud to announce that Audyssey Laboratoriesí MultEQ XT software has been incorporated into its SC-1 System Controller, part of Wisdomís new Sage Series high end architectural and in-room audio systems, to be launched at the 2007 CEDIA Expo.

Wisdom Audio offers multiple electronics options for the Sage Series, including the SC-1 System Controller, boasting an electronic crossover and acoustic room correction that incorporates Audyssey MultEQ XT technology. It also includes selectable, RS-232 operable memory settings for optimized performance in varied acoustic settings for music and film environments. A PC-based installation application allows a professional installer to configure the SC-1 for a particular complement of Sage Series speakers in a given installation.

"When designing such a high end audio system such as our new Sage Series, it is imperative that a room's acoustic signature not detract from the system's performance," explained Mark Glazier, Wisdom Audio president. "With the growing acceptance of higher quality multi-channel systems, we think it is imperative to offer a sophisticated tool to optimize loudspeaker performance. Room correction has been a hallmark of Wisdom systems since 1996 and we now pleased to collaborate with a partner to redefine our capabilities for the custom installation community. Thatís where Audyssey MultEQ XT room correction system comes in. Incorporated into our new SC-1 System Controller, installers will now have the ability to utilize Audyssey technologies in order to optimize the performance characteristics of our new Sage Series speaker systems on a consistent basis, regardless of room acoustics."

When installed by a professional installer using Audyssey MultEQ Pro software, the Sage Series loudspeakers and companion SC-1 has the capability to deliver the highest quality sound. Audyssey MultEQ XT measures sound information throughout a listening area, and then combines this information to accurately represent the acoustical problems in the particular room. Based on these measurements, MultEQ XT calculates an equalization solution that corrects for both time and frequency response problems in every seat. The solution provided by MultEQ XT results in a listening experience unlike anything the listener has heard before. MultEQ Pro takes up to 32 measurements around the listening area and uses high resolution equalization filters to correct room problems in both amplitude and time domains for all satellites and subwoofers. The implementation of the SC-1 System Controller incorporates MultEQ XT technology in a 7.3 channel in, 14.3 channel out, biamped configuration.

The Sage Series, which are available as in-wall, on-wall, and standalone models in order to offer even greater flexibility to the customer and custom installer, incorporates proprietary Wisdom Audio technologies.

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