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Default Re: Pairing Amps with Speakers

Originally Posted by anm View Post
Question - if I buy an AVR with 40WPC for now, could my speakers fry the AVR? Or vice versa?
With only 40WPC, it's more likely that you'll encounter distortion (clipping) when attempting to achieve realistic volumes for your movie soundtracks. Clipping causes high levels of high frequencies that can damage tweeters. Using 90dB/W/m sensitive speakers with 40WPC should get you to about 106dB or about half the volume you'd get with 100WPC. On the other hand, your other posting describes your living space as "a matchbox". In that environment and if used prudently (don't crank the volume up to the point where it's obviously distorting), 40WPC may serve your needs well until you can find a larger domicile and upgrade your receiver.
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