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Default Re: ML 502 Media Console

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post

Why would you consider the lack of A/D conversion on Ext In to be a down side??? Ideally analog sources should stay analog, though most modern pre/pro's don't do this, ones like the ML 502 DO and it's one of the main reasons to buy them.
For me it's a simple answer, I'm one of those people who still owns (and uses ) an older SACD/DVD-A player with analog outs only. Since my player (Yamaha DVD S2300) is one with poor bass management, the Denon's ability to do high quality A/D conversion on its EXT IN. was a boon for me. Now I can finally do all bass management in the pre/pro. And I have been very impressed with the sound.

I figure since my universal player is still in great working condition, there is no need for me to go spend $1,500 or so on a Denon universal player just so I can use DenonLink. For my needs the Denon's ability to do high quality A/D conversion was one (of the many) things that made me buy the AVP. And instead of just skimping on the EXT IN, the Denon engineers made it dual differential like the rest of the circuitry.

Now if my Yamaha player decides to quit working within the next 6 months to a year, I will then no doubt go for a Denon universal player and use an all digital connection. But for the here and now I am very glad that the engineers at Denon implemented this very useful feature.


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