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Default Re: The stupidest thing done to an HD-DVD player

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
Well, I finally got the link to work (I have pretty lame Internet where I'm staying this week) and I can say I've considered doing something like this to some old audio gear...

Sometimes when selling audio gear you get some real A-holes trying to buy from you. I had one guy who even set up a meet to pick up a receiver from me, he had told me how my receiver was a huge upgrade for him (it was a Denon 4306) and that he'd just sold his old receiver to his best friend for $1,000. I wanted ~$1,200 for my unit which was less than a year old. When he was on his way over he called me, this was like our sixth phone conversation, and told me he could only give me $1,000.

I told him I'd rather throw it from the roof to watch it break than take $1K for it, I then politely asked him if he thought he was going to screw me or if he was sure he'd screwed his best friend? Well, the receiver went in a few more days and I never heard back from that guy so I didn't destroy the piece....
Thank you! (for not destroying the receiver ). I understand what you're saying and if the HD-XA1 is a piece of trash - oh well, I just don't see spending good money just to run over a piece of equipment. Well maybe its because I don't have it like that. I wish the would have just given me the money they spent to trash the player - or better yet, donate it to a charity. I'm focusing on the waste.
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