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Default Re: ML 502 Media Console

Originally Posted by wes View Post
I wonder how it will compare with the Classé SSP-800 feature wise Denon wins all ready, but sound is what I want to know!!!
Yes that is going to be very interesting to find out. For me I have always wanted to own a Classe' product. So way back when I learned that they were coming out with the SSP-800, I was like "I really want one, but will it have everything I want?". After I saw what it was going to have I thought well it doesn't have music streaming capability, it doesn't have on board lossless decoding, it doesn't have a built in scaler/processor, won't have THX Ultra 2 processing, no A/D conversion on EXT IN., only 4 HDMI inputs (I need 5), no front panel input connections. Well to say, my list of needs the SSP-800 did not have.

So for me anyway, this was a HUGE buying decision that veered me away from the Classe' and attracted me to the Denon AVP. It has everything I have ever dreamed of having in a pre/pro and then some. Now even if the Classe' had offered everything the Denon has minus the music streaming options, it would have then come down to which one sounds the best. I mean a difference of $1k is not a big deal. So I would have had a much tougher decision between the two.

But the Denon TOTALLY smokes the SSP-800 with regards to Connectivity, features, and options. So for me it was a no contest.

But I am still curious to see how the Denon AVP and Classe' SSP-800 stack up.

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