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Default Re: In-Ceiling Speaker

Originally Posted by sholden125 View Post
I am looking at Polk Audio LC265i-IP In-Wall IP Speakers for about $1700, but the extra gadgets for the IP run another $1500--is it worth it? I have an exiting home so will not be installed as it is being built.
I am also looking at Martin Logan Center Cinema i for my center speaker, but the space I have in the front by the TV is limited and I was hoping someone knew a great two foot speaker to go along with the Martin Logan. I would love to get the Martin Logan Vantage speakers for there, but only have "shelf space" available. Any great idea's?
Your best bet is to hire a local installer tech and have him go over the room and make suggestions. Just make sure you inform him you want to pay for his time and you may or may not buy equipment from him. This will prevent future misunderstandings.

As far as speakers, after you know where they will be placed and how much room you have, all measured out on paper, you can spend whatever your budget allows. Also that will be the time to ask forum members for recommendations.
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