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Default Re: What use is an old AVR receiver when upgrading to a new one?

Originally Posted by wes View Post
It goes in the garage, or other rooms, when they are too old 5+ years Goodwill!
Hey wes! I don't have a garage :-( I live in New Delhi, and being a migrant from another city, it is impossible for me to afford a decent house with garage and all. Only those who are super rich, or those who have inherited can have houses of that kind. I live in a matchbox!

On the electronics front, in India, we get fairly outdated products and on those we are over charged 2-3 times more than in the US. So I would wait for around a year or so when HDMI dust settles down a bit. 5 years down the line, everything would get outdated, except, I guess the speakers.

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