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Default Home Installer & Infinity Cascade Speakers

Problem 1: How do i find a good sound engineer and installer in my area? My front room is a kitchen, dining and living room cavern--about 40' by 25' by 14' high. If I don't get a quality engineer/installer for the surround sound it won't matter much what I buy.

Problem 2: I can buy new Infinity ERS 610's in wall (put up 4 if I need to); Model Three V bookshelf Cascade Infinities x2; 1 Model Three C center channel; and 1 Model Fifteen Cascade Sub---all for only $2,575. Through the store it is about $5000 for the speakers.
a. Is the equip good enough to put up? Or go with MB Quart? Something else?
b. I see Polk LC265i-lP in-wall's are very good--but $3,000 for the pair. I am looking at in walls as my wife would like to avoid some huge speakers sitting in the dining area--I would too if I can get close on the sound with an in-wall. Will the Polk's come close to the Martin Logan Montage Floor speakers?
c. Because of the size of the room will I have to have an amp too? I have been reading about the AudioControl Savoy amp for $2,500. But they want that matched with a AudioControl Maestro M2 Surround Pre/Pro for $2,400----then I am out $5000 just for pair--plus speakers, Denon receiver, etc.

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