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Default Re: What use is an old AVR receiver when upgrading to a new one?

Originally Posted by anm View Post
Thanks i30krab. Well, let me brief on the background. I do not have budget to buy an expensive AVR - so what if I buy a lower end AVR today, and upgrade to a new AVR later? Can I somehow reuse it in the upgraded setup?
so - avrnew's left front and right front via preamp --> old avr's input --> front left/ right speakers.

While avrnew's surround channels --> surround speakers

Has anyone tried this kind of chaining of AVRs?

If you want to reuse the less expensive AVR now and add it to a future system make sure it has a preamp out so you have a choice of using it as a separate power amp or preamp.
You may need a power amp to drive some surround speakers so buy the best you can afford now and you'll be happier later on.
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