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Default Re: Yamaha RX-V663 Recommendations

Originally Posted by rlpiii View Post
$350 is a good deal. Seeing how you've determined you're good with the few items that could be limiting factors that we've discussed, if I were you, I'd go ahead and get it.

Also, I think you will hear a bigger difference in your system by using the same brand of speakers all-the-way-around before using the exact same amps all-the-way-around.

So, I would definitely try matching speakers before amps.
The front speaker stage is identical - and I mean identical. Same brand...same speaker - Snell E-II's one for the L,C, and R.

The rears are all the same brand also - Definitive Technology.

The front subs are identical and so are the rear subs. The sound is pretty even and smooth (believe it or not ) . Once I experienced identical speakers in my front array - thats the only way I roll. If one Snell goes down - they all go down. I bring out my RS-6B's until I can repair them - I have a stock of Snell replacement parts now . The RS-6B's are no joke either. I just love the smooth panning across the front - all at the same height...ect. That's why I don't really care for horizontal oriented center channels.

If I was in the market for new speakers the company had better be ready to supply an odd ball for the center
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