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Default Re: Yamaha RX-V663 Recommendations

Originally Posted by rlpiii View Post
$350 is a good deal. Seeing how you've determined you're good with the few items that could be limiting factors that we've discussed, if I were you, I'd go ahead and get it.

Also, I think you will hear a bigger difference in your system by using the same brand of speakers all-the-way-around before using the exact same amps all-the-way-around.

So, I would definitely try matching speakers before amps.
That would be a hard match. Finding 2 sets of Snell K originals is not that easy (I'm not leaving my Snells up front to go to Def Tech - thats just too nice ) The Def Tech's give me that diffuse patteren in the rear (even though they are Bipoles instead of Dipoles, basiclly you could wire the tweeters out of phase and in effect make them dipoles). I'm very happy and have had several people listen - no complaints. (Even though I live in a small town - I've been told that I possibly have the best sounding system in the city - and definately better than our local theater). After this purcahse I'm set until the summer.
(Work on getting those amps)!
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