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Wink Re: Yamaha RX-V663 Recommendations

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post

you will significantly improve your balance between speakers by using one brand/model amp for all speakers. Each amp, even different amps from the same manufacturer often respond differently to different level input, and as dynbamics change, so will your balance amoung speakers.....

I used to have different amps, then went to similar amps from the same manufacturer then all the same amps and it really does matter.

Just my 0.02.
That's 10-4 there! I've got the same amps across the front (MX-830's). I'm always scouting Ebay for a Yamaha 830 or 640 or 480, don't worry - its in my plan but thanks for looking out. The YPAO equalization in the receiver works pretty good with compensating for balances, but yes my goal is all Yamaha mx or m amplification.
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