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Cool Re: Yamaha RX-V663 Recommendations

Originally Posted by rlpiii View Post
Are you going to use external amps or just what's in the receiver?

I use to have my yamaha RX-V1 set-up with macs before my Halcro arrived, and got a nasty ground hum with the single-ended interconnects. I did some DIY stuff, and greatly reduced the hum, but it was never totally gone. Prior to macs, I never had that problem using an adcom 2535.
All external amps - I've benn doing it this way for a while. I have 2 Yamaha MX-830's, a Sony TA-N80ES (subwoofer amp) a DBX BX2 (rear surrounds bridged) and a Yamaha p2100 for side surrounds. No ground hum here.
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