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Default Pioneer unveils 9G Kuros

At a New York press conference Pioneer unveiled the new plasma models as well as announced Pioneer's first front projector, four new receivers, and two new BD players:
"Pioneer didn't go into detail about the technical specifics, instead settling for a dramatic juxtaposition. Set up in a demo room were six screens: the new Kuro, the old Kuro, other plasmas by Samsung and Panasonic, and LCDs by Samsung and Sony. No doubt the other manufacturers, if asked, might have some pertinent questions about the way their competitor calibrated the sets. But the new Kuro clearly showed the deepest black, followed by the old Kuro, the other plasmas, and the LCDs. Color fidelity and resolution were great though I wouldn't say the other entrants were slouches in those departments."

Will the 10G models finally have absolute black levels?
It would also be very interesting to see a side-by-side of the new Kuros with the new Pannies.
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