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Default Re: Are Rear Projection HDTVs the best value?

Without a doubt!!
To get a plasma or LCD the same size as my 70" Sony XBR2 would be very expensive.
Also the picture quality of my Sony is excellent.

Plasmas & LCD's do have there place, at my house it's in the bedroom.
I put a Sharp LC-37D62U in my bedroom, due to limited space between the wall & foot of my bed, being able to mount the TV on the wall was the major deciding factor on getting a flat screen, but if I'd had the room I'd have gotten a bigger screen size for less $$ with a rear projection.

I'll also say I wasn't at all impressed with the picture quality of the flat screens when I started shopping for them.
The store I was in had them lining both sides of an aisle & you couldn't get farther than about 4' from them.
At that distance none of them (plasma & LCD 35"-50" $1000-$5000) had an acceptable HD picture & the SD was horrible!!
We had to turn them sideways so I could get about 9' away from the screen before the picture looked right.

There's a lot of talk about rear projection TV's being phased out & will go the way of the CRT soon, I just don't see that happening for a long time to come.
In the price per inch value rear projection is still the best buy.
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