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Default Re: HDMI, Easy or Nightmare? How was your experience?

I too have had trouble with HDMI. I bought an Arcam DV137 and I could not change the input on my tv or it would lose the handshake. The 137 eventually died twice so I upgraded to the DV139 and that had the same issues. If I wanted to listen to a concert DVD while watching a hockey game I couldn't. It would freeze up as soon as I switched to a different source on my JVC HD-ILA. Well the 139 stopped playing SACD/DVD Audio after about a week. I got tired of it and sent it back and replaced it with a Toshiba HD-XA2 and a Samsung BD-P1400 for movies and a Marantz SA8001 stereo CD/SACD player and a DV6001 universal player for music playback. Four for the price of one.

Have not had any issues with handshake problems with the Toshiba and Samsung at all. They both play flawlessly no matter what I do to the TV

That is why I bought the Anthem AVM30. I have no intention of running HDMI through anything to get to my TV. The Toshiba and Samsung are plugged directly into the TV. I am not too concerned about the high resolution audio formats at this point. My living room where my setup is, is very small and I am happy with how it sounds.

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