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Originally Posted by rlpiii View Post
I have walked away from an M6 and CL65 this year due to BAD salesmen.
Best story I know of, a pair of plastic surgeons went to a Porsche dealer to buy a pair of 928S's (yes this was some time ago). they had been playing tennis and were in casual clothes and sweaty, the dealer laughed at them and blew them off.

they did the 'Pretty Woman" thing, and went across town and bought them, then drove back to the prior dealer, just to show him they weren't kidding!

I was lucky, my MB dealer was the husband of a nurse I knew so he was great, and my Saab purchase was also good (car was a POS but..)

When we bought my wife's Nissan Murano, I built it on line and called the dealership and asked for the internet sale manager and he cut me the price I wanted and got me out of the dealership in 40 minutes.

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