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Default Re: ML 502 Media Console

WOW guys!

Lots of great points, so many I can't even begin to easily address them all!

Yes, the Denon has a feature set that is, to date, unmatched in the AV Preamp category, and may always outdo the ultra high end companies.

Z-Man, will it outdo the Meridian 861v4/G98DH transport for CD/DVD/DVD-A??? Well, only time will tell, I will use Denon's 5910Ci universal player with their D-Link III connector, so I can use their best transport and use the pre/pro's DACs so it should be the closest comparison to the Meridian system I had as both use proprietary digital links to allow the pre/pro to do everything.

Many people do not remember Denon USED to be a high end separates company. The AVP-A1HDCi and POA mark their return into the high end market, and as such are very well built. I started looking into the specs of the unit, and while it uses the identical facia of the 5308 receiver, it only weighs ~3 pounds less!! This is without all seven channels of 150 wpc amplification! The AVP-A1HDCi is completely hand built and has six separate power supplies, this thing is truly sickly over built.

While I have not personally heard it yet, I will have it up and running in my reference rig by 5/19/2008 and will start to evaluate it then. The review should post soon after, while I expect a lot of this pre/pro, it has some HUGE shoes to fill replacing a Meridian 861v4 and most recently the Anthem Statement D2 w/ARC..........
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