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Originally Posted by Captain Stereo View Post
Again guys, let's not all get flavor.of.the.week.commodity.product.not hing.special because it does one thing another FAAARRRR superior product does not. Using the aforementioned Meridian 861 as an example. Does anyone REALLY think the Denon or Integra will sound better than the Meridian, even with the 861 doing standard DD/DTS and the doing TrueHD and DTS Master Audio? Of course, the answer is no. And if one answered yes, then go to a shop selling either the Denon or Integra & the Meridian (or Classe, Anthem, etc.) and find out for yourself. It'd almost be like saying the Oppo DVD players sound better than a Linn Sondek CD12 because the Linn can ONLY play red book CD.
I'd say that the Oppo analogy is a bit unfair, as the Denon is of a much higher quality category. If anything, I would say it's more in the class with the Anthem D2, Krell-S1000, etc. And just because it has the "Denon" moniker, does not make it a lesser product. Sure when most people think Denon, they think receiver, as Denon has built up a reputation for building receivers. Now that they jumped back into making high quality separates, people are in the mindset of the preamp being just a glorified receiver with the performance of a receiver.

And as to comparing the Denon to other pre/pro's like the Theta CBIII, Lexicon MC12B, Krell-S1000, Halcro SSP-100, etc, there are many who have ended up selling their high end controllers and getting the Denon AVP. To them the sound quality from the Denon is of equal and in some cases even better in sound quality than the high end controllers they had. One person I have talked to is actually replacing his Meridian 861 V4 and going with a Denon AVP. He has his Denon on order and is just waiting for it to arrive. I am really looking forward to his impressions of it, and how he thinks it sounds compared to the 861.

Also many have tried to do A/B comparisons with the Denon against other high dollar pre/pro's at AV shops. But in most instances the dealers just don't want to go through the hassle of setting them up to do such an comparison.

Another person I just received an e-mail from yesterday has owned one high end controller (Lexicon MC12B) and an ultra high end controller (Mark Levinson No 40). He now owns and is very happy and most impressed with the Denon AVP-A1HDCI in his setup. While it may not be a surprise that he said the Denon AVP didn't match the sound quality of the ML No 40 (very few actually do), it did in his opinion however, far surpass not only the feature set of the MC12B, but the sound quality as well. Now that says quite a lot about the Denon AVP.


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