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Default Re: Universal wants lossless DTS-HD MA to become Blu-ray audio standard

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
I think it is far too early to decide which is better, especially as no movie comes with all the new codecs on them. We therefore are comparing films with different soundtracks, mastered differently, by different people. The PCM vs Bitstream also adds the variability of the quality of the player and pre/pro.

I am just happy we have a REAL step up in audio with Blu-ray!!! I have been able to A-B DD/DTS to MC PCM and the difference is HUGE! I can't wait to get to fire up the new Denon pre/pro and run DTS MA HD to it!!!!!!!!!


I am also amazed at the difference between DD/DTS and Lossless MC PCM. I am hearing small details in the soundtracks that I never could hear as clearly before. Not to mention the dynamic gains.

I switched from a B&K Ref 20 to the Denon 3808CI both used as pre/pros. Night and day difference. The new codecs are awesome! The more titles with DTS-HD MA released the better for us early adopters.

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