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Default Re: Panasonic Announces Pricing for DMP-BD50 $699 MSRP

Originally Posted by CharlyD View Post
As I've been able to glean from a few quick searches, all players supporting BD-J (all players) require system storage for data such as application settings but BD-Live requires another category of memory, local storage, for downloads which can be very large. It would seem that local strorage would require a HDD, a feature that could significantly add to the cost of the player. Could this local storage be on a NAS drive?
BD-live doesn't require that much storage to need a HD. It only needs 1G which can be in the form of onboard memory, or as in this case, an SD memory card. You are correct that all players support BD-J which is a subset of Java's GEM standard. Java is used to run the menus, and other interactive features on Blu-ray discs. (This is a big improvement on the very awkward and primitive method used by regular DVDs.)
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