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Default Re: Dark Side of The Moon - the best in surround - sounds worse than CD in stereo

The stereo mix on the SACD is quite poor. I found the mofi version to sound noticeably better for digital playback. Even though I don't have surround in my system, I have had the opportunity to hear the surround mix in all it's glory and truth be told, as great as it is, it still pales to the 180 gram vinyl reissue on straight two-channel. Something on the vinyl that the SACD just can't get.

It's sad really as SACD's potential was there but it basically just turned to a marketing ploy for the classical labels that have embraced it. The vast majority of SACD's for RNR weren't even done in true DSD as most know which made them no better than the cd remaster counterparts. Sony even went as far to dumb down the cd layers on some of the hybrids to make the SACD layer sound that much better when it wasn't. We are seeing a similar thing in the classical world of SACD software as well. A large number of the SACD's done on classical do not sound as good as they should. I have been supporting the classical SACD's for about a year and a half now but no more. They haven't given me anymore than the best classical cd's I have purchased on the JVC XRCD label and on a percentage scale, the SACD's really do sound a tad poorer which should not be.

With the advent of Blu Ray coming to the forefront, it stands to reason that the classical labels may embrace it because they can put so much on on one disc and if mastered properly, could eclipse SACD for sound quality. Since SACD hasn't really been anything more than the next step in the mastering phases for cd, I just don't see the need to keep supporting the format with BR right around the corner.
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