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Default Re: Dark Side of The Moon - the best in surround - sounds worse than CD in stereo

I've never heard the normal CD release, I have the Mobile Fidelity CD and Mobile Fidelity Records and they are so much better. I also have an import SQ Quad LP (Record) version which is really nice. I had the quad 8-track and the one place where I'm disappointed with the SACD is with US and Them. The echo vocals on the 8-Track did circle discretely, rear channel whould go back right then back left. The SACD does not discretely separate the rear echo's. I have a friend that heard them many times in concert and said the echos did discretely circle. Otherwise the SACD tracks are fine. I'm using Bryston electronics and IMF speakers with a Marantz DV-9600 with power supply mods.

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