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Default Re: Dark Side of The Moon - the best in surround - sounds worse than CD in stereo

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post

This is the "other" SACD that never leaves my player. I absolutely LOVE Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon on SACD in surround. It is possibly the BEST concept record ever with not a bad note to be found.

Some suggest the stereo mix is terrible on the hybrid SACD. I wouldn't know because I always listen to the James Guthrie surround mix.

What do you think of the stereo mix versus the surround mix?

Let us know

I like the SACD better than the CD, but I like the vinyl pressing even more!

Why didn't you add a vinyl option to the poll?

Or am I just a dinosaur?

But wait.

I'm no dinosaur: I simply prefer the sound of a good clean vinyl pressing. But I'm one of those OCD types who uses a VPI to clean all my vinyl and keep it in rice paper sleeves after it's clean.

Essentially zero surface noise if one is committed to do this and much better sound, IMO, than any CD or SACD.

As always, YMMV of course.
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