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Default Re: Big Blu-Ray movie sale

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
Well I don't know about vinyl but software can quickly add up to be the most expensive part of your system.
I paid $599 for my current Blu-Ray player (PS3) & I have around 120 Blu-Ray movies & I'm guessing by getting a lot of them on sale at Amazon, J&R, etc they probably average around $18 each for a total of $2160!!
If I had paid full price at Best buy then I would have paid around $26 each for them & would have spent over $3100!!
By shopping for sales I've saved enough to pay for the new Sony BD550 standalone when it comes out!
You can have great gear & still do some bargain shopping.
It's not like the $49 copy of Planet Earth that I got on sale is any different then the $75 version.
But there is a big difference in a $400 receiver & my $1500 Denon receiver.
As much as I would like to save like that, I am too movie-instant-gratification-oriented to always buy that way. When I am @ Fry's, Best-Buy, etc. and see a Blu-ray or HD DVD I want, I usually end-up buying it. I don't like waiting for it to come in the mail. But, some of those deals on-line are too hard to pass up.
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