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Default Re: Panasonic Announces Pricing for DMP-BD50 $699 MSRP

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
I don't know wes, I have a PS3, and it's a good gaming system (look at Rachet and CLank Future if you don't believe me!) but it is only a mediocer Blu-ray player, add to this many people can avoid buying a new receiver or pre/pro thanks to the internal decoding in the new Pannie unit and the price doesn't seem so bad.

I know, Blu-ray players should be <$300, even better less than $200, but it isn't there yet. Hopefully it will be before downloads crush them.....
I agree and it's amazing how many people believe the PS3 is so great.

I feel I'm doing myself a disservice by not waiting to see what Oppo offers. Their track record indicates more bang for the buck. They appear to be less greedy than the big boys.
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