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Default Re: Big Blu-Ray movie sale

Originally Posted by timbre4 View Post
It's amusing to me to witness on this forum all kinds of bargain hunting for high definition Blu Ray discs and yet huge expenditures for vinyl releases and equipment without any hesitation?

I certainly take part in the former and remain unafflicted by the latter!
Well I don't know about vinyl but software can quickly add up to be the most expensive part of your system.
I paid $599 for my current Blu-Ray player (PS3) & I have around 120 Blu-Ray movies & I'm guessing by getting a lot of them on sale at Amazon, J&R, etc they probably average around $18 each for a total of $2160!!
If I had paid full price at Best buy then I would have paid around $26 each for them & would have spent over $3100!!
By shopping for sales I've saved enough to pay for the new Sony BD550 standalone when it comes out!
You can have great gear & still do some bargain shopping.
It's not like the $49 copy of Planet Earth that I got on sale is any different then the $75 version.
But there is a big difference in a $400 receiver & my $1500 Denon receiver.
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