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Default Re: ML 502 Media Console

Originally Posted by pfslai View Post
That said, one of my dealers still claim the Anthem D2 and Krell S-1000, running analog inputs from the blu-ray players (ie. the player do the decoding) are sonically superior to the denon. They have so far refused to set up their main theatre room with the denon so that I can do a comparison.
This is a very interesting point you mentioned. I have heard from others who are on the fence between the Denon AVP and other high end controllers (Anthem D2, Krell S-1000, and of course Classe's upcoming SSP-800). They also said that their dealers refuse to let them do A/B comparisons between the well known high end heavyweights and the new Denon AVP. I mean c'mon the consumer has a right to listen to each product through the same gear. Are they afraid that the Denon just might sound "as good" as the others?

It's very interesting.
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