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Default Re: ML 502 Media Console

I've talked to one of my dealers. Supposedly, those chips that enable the latest decoding and HDMI in/out are expensive and hard to come by. Smaller "high-end" companies just don't have the financial buying power at this point to compete with big multi-nationals.

There are a lot of people (including myself) who are very tempted to buy something like the new high-end denon processor now instead of waiting for high end companies, like classe, halcro or krell to incorporate all the latest features onto their machines. Btw, I use ML 423 and Krell TAS for power amps. That said, one of my dealers still claim the Anthem D2 and Krell S-1000, running analog inputs from the blu-ray players (ie. the player do the decoding) are sonically superior to the denon. They have so far refused to set up their main theatre room with the denon so that I can do a comparison.
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