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Default Re: Audyssey Announces Dynamic Volume

Originally Posted by wes View Post

* Requires professional setup and calibration for best results:
wes: So you pay $2500 and you have to use a pro to use it so you add an other $1000

* Requires optimal speaker placement for best results_> Da!!

* Lower cost speakers may not exhibit desired performance envelope,
wes: too bad for those who can't afford mega speakers!

* Typically requires separates or amplifier+>
wes: Interesting since they bundle it with receivers!!

* 8 pairs of RCA interconnects required for full utilization +>
wes: Ever heard of HDMi or Firewire?

In addition the fellow who did the review : Patrick Hart "I was so impressed with the Audyssey Sound Equalizer's acoustic and psychoacoustic performance that I have become a freelance Audyssey Sound Equalizer consultant/integrator for the Los Angeles/Orange County area"

So he sells the equipment and does consulting and has al to gain to sell an other box!!!
Yo, Wes, get a life!

I do not know yet what the calibration costs. Do you? I am led to believe its well under $500. It's optional. You can just do the automatic Audyssey calibration yourself, but it's not going to be as refined. Auto calibration is what I am using now, and I am sold on it, but might want to try to achieve an even higher level.

Requires optimal speaker placement: aren't you the Guy who is waiting for a $12,000 Classe processor. Aren't you also going to put your speakers in the best position you can? Everybody should do this whether they are using Audyssey or not, unless they just do not give a damn about how it sounds.

Lower cost speakers ...: I guess I will have to throw out my 1967 Radio Shack horn speakers. I do not think he means Wilson Alexandras. He used tiny Infinity's. Would anybody buying even a $1,500 receiver let alone a pre/pro with Audyssey built in not have adequate speakers? If they do, God bless, em. And they sure as hell would not be doing an Audyssey Pro calibration.

Typically requires a separates or amplifier...: Yes with the standalone he reviewed. No, with the built-in.

Requires 8 pairs of RCA interconnects: Have you been listening? You don't get the Audssey stand alone unit he reviewed. You are best off getting Audyssey inside your processor. You save big $, there are no extra a-d, d-a conversions, and last, but not least, there are no wires to buy. Audyssey functionality is the same either way.

In addition the fellow...: What should he do? Not tell us? Recuse himself from reviewing the product? He's already in the business of acoustically treating rooms. He has credible credentials. Do you? Have you at least heard before and after Audyssey equalization?

Why you are so vehemently opposed to this is way beyond me. Just get something else and be done with it.
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