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Thumbs down Re: Audyssey Announces Dynamic Volume

Originally Posted by fitzcaraldo215 View Post
Just one final note to all the remaining naysayers about Audyssey. Check out the 5 star review at the link below done by a professional acoustics consultant, who calls it "perhaps the biggest breakthrough in acoustic and psychoacoustic theory, applied to audio, in my career." It will give you much insight into how Audyssey actually works. This pertains to Audyssey Pro, which is available in the stand alone Audyssey unit. It is also available in the Integra DTC 9.8.

* Requires professional setup and calibration for best results:
wes: So you pay $2500 and you have to use a pro to use it so you add an other $1000

* Requires optimal speaker placement for best results_> Da!!

* Lower cost speakers may not exhibit desired performance envelope,
wes: too bad for those who can't afford mega speakers!

* Typically requires separates or amplifier+>
wes: Interesting since they bundle it with receivers!!

* 8 pairs of RCA interconnects required for full utilization +>
wes: Ever heard of HDMi or Firewire?

In addition the fellow who did the review : Patrick Hart "I was so impressed with the Audyssey Sound Equalizer's acoustic and psychoacoustic performance that I have become a freelance Audyssey Sound Equalizer consultant/integrator for the Los Angeles/Orange County area"

So he sells the equipment and does consulting and has al to gain to sell an other box!!!

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