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Originally Posted by rlpiii View Post
My favorite car show is Top Gear on BBC. They test drive a lot cars we don't get here in the US along with those we do get. They also do some other wacky stuff including building cars, celebrity guests, etc. It is on Monday nights @ 8:00. BBC usually runs a few older episodes before and after. So, you have pretty good window to watch it.

Lambo of Dallas is only few miles from the house, so I usually stop in just look every 2 -3 months. I really like the Gallardo black on black w/ lots of carbon fiber.

I am 5' 8", so pretty much everything fits. I have friend that I went through college with that's 6' 8". He has to drive a truck since it is all he fits in comfortably. We all went to Europe about 9 months ago, and he really had a tough time there, not to mention the plane flight.
Yeah, I`m sure your friend had some issues. But, even myself, when I get in a Porsche 997, I like the wide body better. And the seat has to be all the way back. I do not have BBC. But Super Cars Exposed is pretty good. It would be nice to have a Lambo dealer that close to me. Before I fell in love with the Mercedes SL series, the Lambo has been may favorite for the longest.

But now, that hot, mean looking, sleek Audi R8 is what I want in my house now.
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