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Default Re: Grand Theft Auto IV; Anyone got it?

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
I was watching HNN this evening and they were claiming that this game causes people to kill in the real world!

While I admit, it isn't designed for kids, though many do find a way to buy and play it, it is a game... I personally find it entertaining (at least I have the prior versions) and see it as fun, nothing more. It is not going to make me load my guns and go seek out hookers and cops to 'bust a cap in'!

Peter/(greg), how old are you (is Peter)? Do you think this will make you do just this???
hey peter again. im 16 i have been following along with the gta series since it came out. to me i agree its really mostly entertaining! i loved it running around in the game puttin caps in the peds and runnig crazy with the cars running people over. i dont really think it would make me wanna go find a gun and kill people because the fact is its only a game!!!! sometimes when people say oh yea they killed people because of these video games i think its rediculous and very unfair to label these games like that. thats my opinion
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