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Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
I just ran across a Road and Track with this car, the Lexus GT-F and one other on the cover, it's amazing how many cars you can buy with 500 hp these days!

A very close friend has a preorder on the Lexus GT-F when it ever gets released..... I look forward to a drive of this car, Alan won't let me drive his Lambo Merc, which is OK as I don't fit into it to drive anyway, but he better let me drive the Lexus when it comes in!
First kenny,

On the Nissan, both Road and Track and Motor Trend tested the new Nissan against Porsche, Corvette, and something else.. And, it won out. Great value for the money like the Z-06. However, the Lexus is hot. I saw one live at Ray Catena Lexus in Mamaroneck. But what really got me going was the hour special they did on the Speed Channel on this car. The show was called "Super Cars Exposed". Which is becoming my favorite car show these days. Wickedly fast, still smooth, and handles very well.

That is too bad on the Lambo. I`ve always wanted to drive a Gallardo. The Murcileago I feel is too big. But, as far as the Lexus goes, I could not get in the car, (door locked) the dimensions look small in the Lexus.
However, the guy doing the show looked to be 6`1, so if he can get in, I can get in. I`m six foot even. I`ve been in a Ferrari, not a Lambo.

How tall are you kenny?
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